Love your animals?

Would like some beautiful images to do them justice?

None of them are too small, too big or too much trouble.

It’s all about the Animals

They say you should never work with animals as they can be so unpredictable it can make photographing them a nightmare. Well for me it’s the opposite. It’s no secret I’m an animal lover, and to be honest if I wasn’t I wouldn’t have started a career as a wildlife photographer. The enjoyment I get from being around animals, studying their behaviour and gaining their trust has helped me perfect my skills. I’ve developed my own style and creative approach to wildlife photography and even won the odd award along the way.

I’ve now chosen to bring these skills into the world of pet and commercial animal photography. This means I can now offer my professional expertise to capture engaging  images of your pets or animals, for your own personal  memories or in connection with your business.

Photos of your Pets

If you’re anything like me then your pets are very important to you and are treated as part of the family. They all have their own character and idiosyncrasies, whether they happen to be a dog, cat, rabbit or even a mouse  for that matter, whatever they are I’m sure you love them dearly. So why not invest in that ultimate reminder, a wonderful image of your beloved companion hanging on your wall or as a collection of images in an album.

By bringing out the personality of your pets in an image or collection of images is a great way of immortalizing their memory; it’s something that will enrich your life time and time again, something you will always treasure.

For each photo shoot I’ll start by discussing with you exactly what you’re after while getting to know your pet. I can then suggest ways of achieving the best results – tailored to each individual animal’s character, so you get the best possible images.

Trevor Penfold Photography
Trevor Penfol Photography

Not your usual Pet

If you live on a farm you might have, shall we say, a more unconventional pet – a chook or a lamb for instance, or perhaps something on the larger size, like a pig, a goat, a horse or even a cow – but at Trevor Penfold Photography we love all animals. No animal is too large or too small – so if you want creative, high quality photos, we can do it.

Premium Pet Photo Package


The affordable way to get stunning images of your pets.


Planning of the photo shoot with Trevor.

Up to an hour photo shoot at agreed location.*

10 high resolution best images from the day – processed and ready to print, downloadable from the web.

One fine art print on the highest quality paper (A4).


* Travel costs may apply.

Platinum Pet Photo Package


Want a bit more? Go with our Platinum package.


Planning of the photo shoot with Trevor.

Up to 2 hours photo shoot at agreed location.*

15 high resolution best images from the day – processed and ready to print, downloadable from the web.

Three fine art prints on the highest quality papers (A4).


* Travel costs may apply.

Bespoke Pet Photo Package

from $350.00

Go with the bespoke option for ultimate flexibility.


Nothing is too much trouble.

Want more time to shoot at agreed location? *

You choose however many images from the day as you want – processed and ready to print, downloadable from the web.

Fine art prints on the highest quality papers  – you decide what you’d like.


* Travel costs may apply.


Any questions or suggestions? Please email us and we'll get back to you asap.


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