Entering the world of book publishing was a natural progression for me as it allows me to share my love of nature and wildlife with a wider audience. Both books have beautiful images and descriptive text, as well as insights into my thoughts behind the shot and my field-craft techniques. They’re printed on sustainably sourced, high quality paper stock (by Forest Stewardship Council accredited printers) which really showcases each image, producing a top quality book that’s a pleasure to hold and browse through.

Titles to date

Visions of Nature - New Zealand's Wild in the West by award-winning wildlife and nature photographer Trevor Penfold
Wild Behaviour - A New Zealand Perspective


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A wonderful book

I have just finished your wonderful book Wild Behaviour. Thank you soooo much. I really have enjoyed all that you had to say and looking at the pictures made me smile. Wow, well done!

Carolyn J.

There’s a wow factor to the shots

There’s a wow factor to the shots in the book, and Penfold inspires a new appreciation of his subjects.

Marina Skinner
Forest & Bird Magazine, N.Z.

A real inspiration

It’s Trevor Penfold’s marvellous photographs of wildlife that make it so special. This book is a real inspiration to explore the wild and wonderful West Coast that Penfold clearly loves.

Jim Eagles
The New Zealand Herald

A beautiful coffee table book

A celebration of the absolute beauty of nature, it’s also a fascinating read, thanks to his tales of the challenges of photographing wildlife. A beautiful coffee table book you’ll keep dipping into.

Lisa Potter
NZ Lifestyle Farmer Magazine

Award-winning wildlife photographer has captured the heart of New Zealand wildlife

There is no doubt the award-winning wildlife and nature photographer has captured the heart of some of New Zealand’s most unique animal life in this spectacular coffee table book, Wild Behaviour.

Lisa Potter
NZ Lifestyle Farmer Magazine

A pleasure to hold, read and admire

This large-format book is ideally suited to display Penfold’s wonderful photographs at their best on high-quality stock and printed by one of the best printing companies. No expense has been spared, making it a pleasure to hold, read and admire. This is a book for all wildlife enthusiasts.

David Hallett
Dominion Post, N.Z.

An amazing book

The photos, ranging from landscapes, birds, insects and spiders, are the key to this amazing book.

Catherine Bullock
Raglan Chronicle, N.Z.

Filled with stunning images

Filled with stunning images of the natural west coast, the sea, the harbour and the bush along with its more common and rarer wildlife.

Geoff Lewis
Hamilton Press, N.Z.

A top-notch, eco-friendly production

Celebrated nature photographer Trevor Penfold returns with another stunning collection of wildlife photography. A handsome landscape-format volume with top-notch, eco-friendly production values, Wild Behaviour is a must for local nature shooters and an ideal gift for anyone with a passion for animals and the wild.

Afrian Hatwell
NZ D-Photo Magazine

An artistic masterpiece!

Congratulations, the images are beautiful, stunning even, conveying mood, emotion, action and they really connect with the viewer. The narrative and images complement each other, it flows seamlessly from sentence to paragraph, from page to chapter, it is an artistic masterpiece!

Reg C.

A stunning collection of images

Trevor Penfold has pulled together a stunning collection of 169 images ranging from landscapes, to birds, insects and spiders all taken on the west coast. As he says at the end of the book, “mission accomplished”.

Nigel Carter
NZ D-Photo Magazine

Exquisite composition and clever use of light

The reader is drawn into its pages by stunning landscapes, graceful birds and haunting close-ups of creepy crawlies. Their character comes alive through exquisite composition and the clever use of light.

David Williams
Dominion Post, N.Z.

Movement, colour and pattern interact – a beautiful book

He has captured stunning images of many of New Zealand’s native and endemic species. The photos are artistically realised, some with almost abstract motifs, where movement and colour and pattern interact… a beautiful book that also fulfils the author’s aim of raising awareness of the importance of using the environment in a sustainable way.

Lynne Robinson
Waikato Times Arts Diary, N.Z.

Like the tips and technical info

We especially like the tips and technical info which gives an insight into tricks and challenges of the trade.

Shelley Howells
Air New Zealand - Kia Ora Magazine

Images are stunning

Images are stunning and reveal the beauty and diversity of the natural surroundings – a reminder of the unique NZ wildlife.

Rachael Goddard
Waikato Times, N.Z.

Penfold presents exquisite portraits

Penfold presents exquisite portraits of the area’s wildlife: mainly estuarine birds… also bush birds, marine mammals, frogs, skinks, and many insects. Penfold’s resulting images are superbly crisp, perfectly exposed, and richly textured.

Shaun Barnett
Wilderness Magazine, N.Z.

Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart: Everyone knows west is best when it comes to wild coastlines and Raglan photographer Trevor Penfold has proved that with his new book, ‘Visions of Nature – New Zealand’s Wild in the West’.

Lynne Robinson
Waikato Times, N.Z.

Incredible photographs of New Zealand wildlife

It’s difficult to imagine the degree of patience required to capture the behaviour and intimate detail revealed in some of these incredible photographs of New Zealand wildlife. It’s all gripping stuff.

Shelley Howells
Air New Zealand - Kia Ora Magazine

Stunning images of New Zealand wildlife

Stunning images of New Zealand wildlife, from perky little robins, portly sea lions defending their harems to yellow-eyed penguins.

Jim Eagles
NZ Herald - Canvas Magazine

Shows the quirky, humorous and appealing aspects of wildlife behaviour

Marine mammals, penguins, sea birds are expertly frozen by his patient and calculating photography. Penfold masterfully uses a neutral background to emphasise his subject – which holds fascination for both the student and the expert photographer. His studies are not the formal portraits but instead show the quirky, humorous and consistently appealing aspects of wildlife behaviour

Stephen Jaquiery
Otago Daily Times, N.Z.

Trevor’s great love of wildlife shines through

Trevor Penfold’s great love of wildlife shines through in his collection of photographs. It takes long and studied observation of animals to capture their behaviour so strikingly. The shots are carefully composed, and he shares the technical details of all photos at the end of the book, giving others the opportunity to replicate his work – no easy task.

Marina Skinner
Forest & Bird Magazine, N.Z.

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