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Perfect Planet Publishing is an eco-friendly entity and a branch of Trevor Penfold Photography. The driving force behind the project is Jenny Penfold, Trevor’s wife.

The publishing side of the business was established with the aim of producing high quality, large format books, using only sustainably sourced products. With Trevor’s idea to create beautiful wildlife and environmental photography books he called on Jenny’s skills to help design, innovate and create books that truly reflect the vision Trevor has as a photographer and author.

With Jenny’s passion for conservation and the environment, along with her computer and business skills she was the perfect person to help take Trevor Penfold Photography to the next level.

FSC logo
Forest Stewardship Council

Sustainability – Protecting the Environment

With Jenny’s knowledge and passion for the environment her research enabled us to only work with printers who are ‘FSC’ (Forest Stewardship Council) registered, which guarantees that all paper products within the publication are either sustainably sourced or are from recycled paper/pulp or a combination of both – yet still produce a top quality product.

Perfect Planet Publishing is one of a growing number of businesses that support the FSC’s work – where it’s already nationally represented in more than fifty countries around the world.

To help support these sustainable practices, just check that paper and wood products you purchase have the registered ‘FSC’ logo on – like the one shown here.

Click on the logo to find out more about the FSC (opens in a new page).

Retail Book Sales:

If you would like to purchase one of Trevor’s books you can buy them from our online shop here. You can also ask for your book to be signed by Trevor, including a personal message if you wish, when you place your order.

Trade Book Sales:

Perfect Planet Publishing manages all sales and distribution of its publications. Distribution is by courier – providing a timely, economical and secure delivery system for even large orders.

Publications to Date:

‘Wild Behaviour – a New Zealand Perspective’

by Trevor Penfold

‘Wild Behaviour’ takes a look at some of New Zealand’s wonderful and diverse wildlife through the lens of award-winning wildlife photographer, Trevor Penfold.

He gets up close with some of the unique animals found there, providing an insight into the behaviour of New Zealand’s wildlife and showcasing some of its more colourful characters, too.

Trevor describes the animals’ behaviour and how he captured these wonderful images – while keeping all the technical photography details separately, for easy access to keen photographers.

Overall, this is a high quality, visually stunning book, with beautifully composed images that show the animals in amazing detail – an inspiration for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

Published: 07-02-13
Format: Hardback
No. of pages: 199
No. of images 223
Dimensions: 290mm x 257mm x 18mm
Weight: 1.18kg
RRP: £20.00 (NZ$58.00)
ISBN: 978-0-473-22790-6

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Wild Behaviour - A New Zealand Perspective

Visions of Nature – New Zealand’s Wild in the West’

by Trevor Penfold

‘Visions of Nature’ takes a closer look at the wildlife with which we share our environment. It’s a high quality hardback book that brings together some wonderful photography from wildlife and nature photographer Trevor Penfold.

Concentrated in the North Island on the west coast, it encourages you to take a closer look at what’s all around us and shows that, no matter where you live, there are amazing creatures to be found – many of which are struggling to survive in our ever-changing world.

Trevor goes one step further by explaining the techniques and decisions he makes while capturing these images, not only to give some insight into the challenges of wildlife photography, but to help and encourage people in their own photographic exploits.

Published: 18-12-10 Nationally: 01-02-11
Format: Hardback
No. of pages: 172
No. of images 169
Dimensions: 250mm x 290mm x 20mm
Weight: 1.1kg
RRP: £20.00 (NZ$58.00)
ISBN: 978-0-473-17215-2

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Visions of Nature - New Zealand's Wild in the West by award-winning wildlife and nature photographer Trevor Penfold

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