If you’re interested in improving your photography skills, sign-up for one of Trevor’s photography workshops and benefit from his knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and ability to take great images.

Here’s what he has to say about his photography workshops

Whether you’ve just got your first DSLR, you’re a keen amateur or even a working professional, photographers at all levels have one thing in common – the desire to take better and better photos. And my photography workshops are designed to help you do just that. So if you like my style of photography and need help in improving your photographic skills, join me and other like-minded photographers by signing-up for one of my workshops today.


All our workshops are on hold at the moment and will remain so until some sort of normality returns to our lives. Stay safe everyone and hopefully we will see you in more pleasant times.

Very fun and informative

Very fun and informative, learnt some new things and reinforced many others. Having someone to ask beats using a book! Great value too, so many courses are overly expensive.

Lee B.

Good, constructive feedback

Very easy to understand. Good, constructive feedback.

Hugh T.

Teaching very focused and helpful

Great ‘Next Level’ workshop thank you – found the assignments challenging but informative and teaching very focused and helpful.

Tim H.

Excellent workshop and information

Excellent workshop and information told in a very understandable language. Am doing an on-line course but it is very technical, so found this excellent as I am more hands-on and learn by having a tutor hands-on.

Tracy P.

Exceeded my expectations

Very enjoyable workshop. Exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to download my photos when I get home. I feel a lot more confident using my camera, setting up composition and managing exposure. Many thanks Trevor.

Pip O.

Nice pace, great information

Excellent – nice pace, great information in layman’s terms, relaxed atmosphere to learn in. Great location too.

Marg E.

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Learnt so much. Excellent being able to look at some of our shots for Trevor’s comments. Thanks for your help, Trevor!

Katrina D.

Helpful and very well done!

Helpful and very well done! Keen to follow up please.

Chris S.

Great pace – Great day

Great pace. Great day all round. Thank you.

Sue F.

Learnt a ton of things

Learnt a ton of things I’d always been unsure of and so had done much of my photography on Auto before.

Jenny D.

Really got me thinking

Very informative, really got me thinking. Had only given graphs a glance before, never realised how important they were.

Helen H.

Love your enthusiasm and passion for your subject

Excellent workshop – love your enthusiasm and passion for your subject. Like the one-to-one advice – learnt a lot in a short time …ie: how to take reasonably good photos without using ‘auto’!

Carolyn S.

Very informative

Very informative. Enjoyed going through the photos and having set tasks to do.

Pip O.

Explains things very easily

Tutor very approachable and explains things very easily.

Alison B.

Very approachable for questions

You covered all aspects, were well organised and prepared. Very approachable for questions.

Sarah W.

Excellent guide notes

Excellent guide notes. Very enjoyable and I learnt a lot about a lot. Trevor patiently answered all sorts of questions.

Jan S.

It was fantastic

It was fantastic. I learnt a lot and took much, much better photos than I normally would have.

Jacqui D.

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