‘Visions of Nature – New Zealand’s Wild in the West’

By Trevor Penfold

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…Penfold presents exquisite portraits of the area’s wildlife: mainly estuarine birds… also bush birds, marine mammals, frogs, skinks, and many insects…. (Penfold’s) resulting images are superbly crisp, perfectly exposed, and richly textured.
Wilderness Magazine – by Shaun Barnett: January 2012

The reader is drawn into its pages by stunning landscapes, graceful birds and haunting close-ups of creepy crawlies… Their character comes alive through exquisite composition and the clever use of light.
Dominion Post – by David Williams: July 2011

…it’s Trevor Penfold’s marvellous photographs of wildlife …that make it so special… This book is a real inspiration to explore the wild and wonderful West Coast that Penfold clearly loves.
The New Zealand Herald – by Jim Eagles: October 2011

…Trevor Penfold has pulled together a stunning collection of 169 images ranging from landscapes, to birds, insects and spiders all taken on the west coast… As he says at the end of the book, “mission accomplished”.
D-Photo Magazine – by Nigel Carter: August 2011 issue #43

There’s a wow factor to the shots in the book, and Penfold inspires a new appreciation of his subjects.
Forest & Bird Magazine – by Marina Skinner: May 2011 issue #340

Wild at Heart: Everyone knows west is best when it comes to wild coastlines and Raglan photographer Trevor Penfold has proved that with his new book, ‘Visions of Nature – New Zealand’s Wild in the West’.
Waikato Times Weekend Picks: December 2010

Filled with stunning images of the natural west coast, the sea, the harbour and the bush along with its more common and rarer wildlife.
Hamilton Press – by Geoff Lewis: December 2010

We especially like the tips and technical info which gives an insight into tricks and challenges of the trade.
Air New Zealand’s Kia Ora Magazine – by Shelley Howells: April 2011

Images are stunning and reveal the beauty and diversity of the natural surroundings …a reminder of the unique (NZ) wildlife.
Waikato Times – by Rachael Goddard: April 2011

The photos, ranging from landscapes, birds, insects and spiders, are the key to this amazing book.
Raglan Chronicle – by Catherine Bullock: December 2010 issue #226

A celebration of the absolute beauty of nature, it’s also a fascinating read, thanks to his tales of the challenges of photographing wildlife. A beautiful coffee table book you’ll keep dipping into.
New Zealand Lifestyle Farmer Magazine – by Lisa Potter: November 2011

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