Visions of Nature - New Zealand's Wild in the West by award-winning wildlife and nature photographer Trevor Penfold
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Visions of Nature

‘Visions of Nature - New Zealand's Wild in the West’ takes a closer look at the wildlife with which we share our environment. It’s a high quality, hardback book that brings together some wonderful photography from wildlife and nature photographer Trevor Penfold. Concentrated in the North Island on the west coast, it encourages you to take a closer look at what’s all around us and shows that, no matter where you live, there are amazing creatures to be found – many of which are struggling to survive in our ever-changing world. ‘Visions of Nature’ is an inspiring book that can be enjoyed on many levels by people of all ages. With its stunning wildlife images it will appeal to those that appreciate beautifully composed photographic images, photographers (keen to develop their skills), and those that are interested in their environment and the animals within it. Look inside and read the reviews.

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